Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Review

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Review

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Review

When you look at the Vilano Brand, you get a high-class manufacturer and recognized worldwide. Even the professional riders choose this brand. However, if you are not a pro or collecting bikes and need an entry-level bike the Vilano Aluminum 21-Speed Shimano Road Bike has your name written all over it. This roadster has an entry-level model, price and we have compiled a detailed review here for you to decide if this is the bike, you want.

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21-Speed Shimano Review

If this is your first road bike, you need something that gives you a smooth yet accurate ride. You need a bicycle that is easy to handle and affordable to buy. This is where our Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Review will help you make an informative decision.

Comfort, Fit, and Frame

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Frame

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Frame

For one of the lightest road bikes the 21 Speed Shimano Aluminum Vilano stands out for all the right reasons. At only 24-pounds, this lightweight frame is great as it has a sturdy build and great when it comes to maneuverability. The frame has a 6061 aluminum construction.

The other exceptional thing the handles padded to give you a comfortable ride and secure grip. Further, it has a 700c threadless fork that is great for handling shock when riding over rough terrain. This helps to give you a comfortable ride no matter which terrain you travel. On the other hand, even the pedals are easy and smooth when cycling.

One more standout is the Shimano Drivetrain that has an adjustable gear mechanism and when the time comes to stop, you can use the rim brakes for a safe stop. For ease of using the gearshifts, you can find it at the center of the column and all you need to do is click to the next setting. This helps as it makes the pass through great to use on different terrains.

For a comfortable ride, you have an urban comfort saddle that you can customize with another brand if preferred.

Unique Design

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Design

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Design

The first attraction when looking at the Vilano Aluminum 21-Speed Shimano Road Bike is the aesthetically pleasing design. This is one of the best road bikes available with a lightweight design and fast enough to commute around town. The cables are invisible and it has fitting taps for the handlebar with an outstanding paint job. You can choose your desired shade from black, gray, gray/red, or white. Further, you have three distinctive sizes available:

  • Small Frame: 50cm – stand over height 29.5”
  • Medium Frame: 54cm – stand over height 30.5”
  • Large Frame: 58cm – stand over height 32”

Rims and Tires

The Vilano entry-level bikes outfitted with strong 700c double walled rims with CNC alloy machined sides. Further, it has 700cx25c tires for cycling on different surfaces. Another great thing is you receive extra pedals included with the bike.


  • The Vilano Aluminum Road Bikes you can buy in three sizes small, medium, large
  • Choose from four amazing color designs black, gray, gray/red, and white
  • The frame is lightweight and made of 6061 aluminum and the 700c fork is threadless
  • The Shifters are handlebar mounted
  • Includes free pedals
  • Has a one-year warranty on the frame and fork


BRAKES Caliper Alloy
CRANK Alloy 50/40/30
FORK Threadless 1 ⅛-inch Hi-Tensile 700c
FRAME Double Butted 6061 Aluminum
HEADSET  1 ⅛-inch with Alloy Cap
PEDALS Platform Pedals
RIMS Double Walled 700c CNC Machined with Black Anodized Sides
SADDLE Urban Comfort
SHIFTERS Thumb Shimano A050 Shifters
STEM 25.4mm Alloy Bore
TIRES 700cx25c


Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Assembly / Unboxing

Once you receive your 21, Speed Shimano Vilano, you will note a small box. This makes you think wow, where is the instruction manual, and do you have the correct tools.  The great thing is you need to add the tires, gear shifts, pedals, and handlebars. After completing this, all that is left is the cables by following the easy to follow instructions.

If you are a bit skeptical about assembling the bicycle yourself, you can take it to your nearest bike shop to help you out.

Pros and Cons Related to the Vilano Aluminum Road Bike


  • Affordable
  • Has a great frame construction
  • Has mounting points included
  • Easy to assemble by following the instructions
  • Lightweight
  • Shifting is smooth
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Customizable


  • The seat is uncomfortable

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike Review Summery

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike White


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