Stowabike MTB V2 Folding Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review

Stowabike 26 MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike Review

If you are a daily commuter or an adventurous rider, the Stowabike MTB V2 Bike may just be what you need. Not only is this bike affordable it has an 18-speed gear and you can easily fold it up to take with you on public transport or when you go on vacation. The other exceptional thing about the bicycle is you can also call it a hybrid bike. The reason for this is you can ride it on the road and off-road. Is the following Folding Bike for you? Let us see with the following Stowabike MTB V2 Folding Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike Review.

Review of the Stowabike MTB V2 Bike

When you look at the Stowabike MTB V2 and evaluate it to the original designed one this model offers more than its counterpart does. The bicycle is more refined and has more affordable components with quality in mind. The great thing is you can choose from two color preferences white and black.

Great Design

Stowabike 26 MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension 18 Speed Shimano Gears Mountain Bike

One of the stands out characteristics of this mountain bike is the folding frame. You can easily fold and unfold the frame that is on the large size.  Compared to a 16-inch model it may be less portable, but you can still carry the MTB V2 by your side for short distances. The frame folds from the hub of the bike and unlocks with a safety handle found near the seat. All you need to do is lift the pin and bend the frame in half.

The other exceptional thing is you receive all the required tools to assemble your bike. The frame of the bike has a 26-inch cast iron construction and does make it a bit heavier compared to its competitors. The folding bike weighs 36 lbs once you have assembled it. Luckily the rims and shocks have an alloy construction and the frame’s corrosion and scratch-resistant. For comfort, you have a padded saddle and there are steel handlebars with comfortable grips.

While seated on the bike you can adjust your feet on the pedals with ease. Moreover, for safety, you have V-brakes constructed of steel. The only downside is the arms of the brakes made with plastic, but still works remarkably.

Amazing Maneuverability and a Smooth Ride

With the 26-inch wheels, you can easily ride from even surfaces to rough terrains. While gearing is effortless with the 18-speed gears and gives, you full control over the bike. The chain and pedals are superior and with the dual suspension fork, it helps to spring shocks. This helps you to survive the bumps when cycling on mountain trails. The other standout is it has a 6-speed freewheel.

Key Features

  • The Stowabike MTB V2 Folding Bike has a 26-inch steel frame and suspension fork
  • For absorbing tremors from obstacles in your path while cycling trails it has a spring shock system
  • Further, it has a front and rear derailleur and a three-speed left grip shifter with a six-speed run right grip shifter
  • The handlebars constructed of steel and for comfort, you have a mountain bike saddle
  • There is a steel kickstand included and the overall dimension of the bike is 67.3 x 23.2 x 55.1 –inches
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty on the Stowabike


Stowabike 26 MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

BRAKES Steel V-Brakes
DERAILLEURS Front Sunrun FD-QD-35 and Rear Sunrun RD-HG-03
FORK Zoom Suspension Steel with Alloy Body Spring Shock
FRAME Steel Folding Frame
HANDLEBAR MTB Handlebar with Black Rubber Grips
RIMS Single Wall Alloy
SADDLE V2 MTB Mountain Bike Seat
SHIFTERS 3-Speed Left Grip Shifter and Right 6-speed Grip Shifter
STEM Steel
TIRES Wanda 27 x 1.95-inches


Will You Need to Assemble the Folding Bike?

Once you receive the Stowabike, it does need minor assembly. You will need to attach the front wheel, handlebars, and pedals. Included with your bicycle you will receive all the needed tools and instructions for assembly. The most important part after assembling the folding mountain bike is adjusting the brakes and derailleurs. This you can have done by your local bike shop or you can purchase the bike with the option of professional assembly.

Stowabike MTB V2 Unboxing Video

Pros and Cons Related to the Stowabike MTB V2


  • Affordable
  • Portable as it is a foldable bike
  • Has a sturdy design
  • Looks great
  • Excellent brakes
  • Designed with an 18-speed gear
  • Good performance on and off road
  • The shock absorption works well


  • The wheels are difficult to remove
  • The manual does not give the proper assembly and folding instructions

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