Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike Review

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid bike Review

For one of the top manufacturers in bicycles, Schwinn is at the forefront. They manufacture from children’s bikes to 1st class touring bikes. Therefore, when it comes to your well-being they have designed the Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike. By commuting around town on this outstanding bike, it will help with good blood circulation leading to enhanced collagen production in your skin. This is an excellent way to reduce wrinkles from forming and speeds up your immune system leading to a healthier life. With the lightweight design and comfort, you can enjoy a fun ride around town.

Review of the Schwinn Discover Women’s 700c Hybrid Bike

The Schwinn Discover 700cc Hybrid Bike is one of the top-quality models available at an affordable price. Further, you can enjoy a smooth ride at a great speed. In addition, if you prefer an off-road challenge, the bikes built to handle these types of challenges with some minor modifications. If you are on the tall side, you will benefit from using this hybrid bike as Schwinn designed the bicycle for taller people. So without further a due let us take a closer look and find out if this is the bicycle for you.

Alluring Design

For a comfortable ride, Schwinn made the city frame of the bike with aluminum. For a fast and smooth ride, the grip shifters are the best choice available on the bike. The hybrid bikes outfitted with the right components and have a distinct look. You can buy the bike in a white color and assembles in no time. With the comfort frame, you can enjoy a comfortable riding position when cycling long distances.

For stability and control when cycling over obstacles the Suntour suspension fork offers you everything you need. The suspension seat post helps absorb vibrations giving you a stable and comfortable ride. Whether the road is smooth or it has potholes you can enjoy a stable ride on the Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike.

Further, you will love the swept-back handlebars giving you an upright riding position and a comfortable ride. The saddles padded while the suspension seat post makes this bicycle comfortable to ride on and off the road. For speed, the Schwinn Discovers outfitted with a 21-speed SRAM shifter. This is a great component to have as it allows you to climb hills and ride rough terrains to shifting over to racing around town. Shifting the gear is a breeze and you only need a twist of your wrist to slide into the next gear.

Other highlights available on the hybrid bike are the fenders. This is great, especially if you are stuck in the rain and prevents water from splashing all over you. Unfortunately, the only downside of these fenders is it is made of plastic. For commuting around town, Schwinn added a rack to strap your gym bag or other items on it.

Safety and Riding

Safety is important on a bicycle and with the Promax Alloy linear pull brakes you can stop instantly when you need it. The Discover Hybrid Bikes equipped with a quick release bike tire and helps when you need to fix a tire. For a smooth ride to transition from concrete roads to rough terrains, Schwinn has outfitted the Discover with 700c Kenda Tires. Even the seat is quick release.

Prime Features

  • Equipped with a hybrid frame constructed of aluminum
  • For a stable ride, it has a Suntour suspension fork
  • The seat post has suspension and a soft saddle
  • For a smooth ride, the hybrid bikes equipped with Kenda 700cc tires
  • The handlebars are swept-back for an upright ride
  • The color available is white
  • Outfitted with fenders and a rack

BRAKES Promax Linear Pull
EXTRAS Plastic Fender and Rack
FORK Suntour Suspension
FRAME Hybrid Aluminum
RIMS 700cc
SADDLE Schwinn Padded Quick Release
SEAT POST Suspension
SPEED/GEARS 21-speed
STEM Adjustable
WHEELS Quick Release Front

Will you need to assemble the bike?

If you do not know how to assemble bikes, the best option is to take it to your local bike shop. You will need to assemble the bike and the instructions included are not a big help.

Pros and Cons Concerning the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike


  • Gives you a great ride with stability
  • The frame is durable
  • Gives a smooth ride as the tires roll fast over pave roads
  • Shifting gears is smooth and easy
  • The seats comfortable


  • Has no holes available on the frame to attach water bottle cages
  • Not highly-recommended for off road riding, but with minor adjustments as changing the tires may just be the solution

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike Review Summery

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid bike

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