Road Bike Reviews

Whether you’re beginner or expert, bicycles guide’s road bike section will help you to choose the right bike for yourself.

Cycling industry is full of marketing, that makes picking the bike very difficult for noobs. In this reviews of road bikes you will find dimensions, size and features of bike so don’t get your hand on wrong bike.

Key Components of Road Bike

Here are the main things that you should look while purchasing the road bike. All of these things not only matters technically but also affects your comfort while riding the bike.

Bike Frame

Bike Frame

Frames may looks similar but it is the most important component of bike. There are two choices in material of Frames, Aluminium frames and Carbon fiber frames. If you're serious rider looking for strongest and light weight frame, go for carbon fiber. Otherwise go for aluminium frames. Aluminium frames are less expensive than carbon fiber frame, Frame Material doesn't affect riding quality as much as frame design do.
Clipless Pedal


Believe it or not, Expensive high-end bikes sold without pedals. It's up to choose the pedals because different riders prefer different kind of pedals for their bike. Always go for clipless pedals for high performance riding.

Chainring and Cassette

Chainrings are interchangeable and influences the gear shifting of bike. It's hard to push a bike when gear is on higher ring, It becomes easier to push as you shift to lower gears.


Wheels influences with aerodynamics and acceleration of bike. If you're a competitive cyclist and you need alter the weight of bike should totally look into different selection of wheels. 

Gear Shifter

Most important component of the bike, your power and acceleration depends on these shifters, There are slight brand wise differences in gear shifters but that is rider's personal choice.

Road Bike Buying Tips


Choose the right Road Bike Size

Road Bike Size

Road Bike Size Guide

Choosing the right bike size is most important. You can only get the maximum performance on bike if the size fits perfectly. It’s also good to take manufacturer’s advice to know more about size difference in their brand.

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