Mountain bike Reviews

There’s little to read about this popular sports bike before purchase. Slightly Different from other bikes mountain bikes are made for rough terrain. While making choice of mountain bike you need to look for features according to terrain that you’re riding on. Here we have a very short description on what components to keep in mind while buying the mountain bike and which type of bike you should ride.

Mountain Bike Types

Trail Bike : This type of bike is most popular and loved by the most, It doesn’t fall in any specific category of mountain biking, It has all the balanced features.

Cross Country Bikes : Cross Country bikes are made for races on rough terrain, these bikes are built lightweight and focused on speed.

Enduro Bikes : Enduro bikes are designed for timed downhill racing. These bikes are tough and has awesome stability and maneuverability.

Downhill bikes : Downhill bikes are made for jumps and tough riding down trails. Bikes have full suspension and quality frames that can survive the rough terrain.

Fat Bikes : Fat bikes are made for off road riding on snow, sand or mud. Fat bikes have thick tires.

Mountain Bike Key Components


  • Rigid : No Suspension
  • Hardtail : Only Front Suspension
  • Full Suspension : Both Front and Rear Suspension

Wheels Size

24 Inches, 26 Inches, 27.5 Inches, 27.5+ Inches, 29ers,


  • Rim Brakes : Less Expensive, Less Effective, Requires more effort.
  • Disc Brakes : Expensive compare to rim brakes, very effective in all conditions, Requires Less Effort.

Frame Material

  • Aluminium : lighter than still, 1/3 strength of steel,
  • Steel : Strong, durable, Heavy weight.
  • Titanium : lighter than steel but as strong as steel, expensive.
  • Carbon Fiber : Light weight, Expensive

Choose the right Mountain Bike Size

Mountain Bike Size

Mountain Bike Buying Tips



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