Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Bike Review

Mongoose Men's Dolomite Fat Tire Bike Review

Mongoose Men’s Dolomite Fat Tire Bike Review

If you need a beast of a bike, you need to look at the male dominant Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Bike. This is one heavy bike weighing in at 50 pounds. Taking into consideration, it is a monstrous entry-level bike the Dolomite remains the favorite amongst men available at an affordable price. The Mongoose Dolomite is great for passing through different types of terrain. Now that we have you excited, let us find out if this bicycle is suitable for your lifestyle and needs.

Review of the Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Bike

With the first glance on the Mongoose, you can see it is a department-store build and may not have the most expensive parts on it. Further, it is a heavy bike but has wide tires on them to handle even a 3-inch wet snowstorm. The only downside is when riding up a slant it sucks out the power of your legs even when cycling down a snow-covered trail. The positive side is you will get a great workout. So what has Mongoose used to construct the Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Bike? Stay a while longer and find out.


Mongoose Men's Dolomite Fat Tire Bike Off Road

Mongoose Men’s Dolomite Fat Tire Bike Off Road

If you are one of those people who like to choose your color for your bike, you will only be able to choose two color designs: blue and red. The frameset consists of a steel Dolomite frame and a steel Mongoose fork giving it the hefty weight. The frame has a full suspension design to help withhold heavy bumps you may find when using the bike off-road.

The fork has an element suspension to give you a comfortable ride when cycling from one landscape to another without feeling the bumps. However, it does not have a rear shock or a front derailleur. On the back of the bike, there is a Shimano Tourney TX7-speed derailleur. With the 7-speed rear derailleur, you can ride different types of terrain and helps you to cruise faster, especially when cycling off-road.

For cycling downhill, it has a 14-28t freewheel with a KMC HP 7-speed chain. They have guided the chain onto the front sprocket preventing it from popping off. This features’ incredible as it stops your trousers from going into the chain and becoming trapped.

For keeping the pedals securely attached, preventing them from falling off it has an aluminum alloy 170mm crank 36t. To change gears easily the Dolomite Fat Tire Bike has twist shifters. This is a great help, as it makes sure you can attain the level of speed when riding from one environment to another.

Further, the Threadless headset gives you an outstanding level of adjustability and makes the bicycle lightweight. To cruise on soft to hard ground the bike has beach cruiser pedals with a Mongoose saddle for comfort. The seat post has a 28.6mm aluminum design, adding extra lightweight structure.

The handlebar has an alloy design and there are Mongoose Rubber grips with plastic grip shifters for ease of handling. Another great thing is the Mongoose Dolomite has great height to accommodate different riders and great for users with extra weight. The Fat Tire bike can handle a rider’s weight up to 250-pounds.

Treads and Safety

The Mongoose Dolomite 26” Men’s Fat Tire Bike has an amazing design to use on the beach to mountain landscapes. That is why they have outfitted the bicycle 26 x 4-inch wide tires. This enables you to achieve stability when used in different landscapes. To handle bumps and obstructions on the road the tires have extra width.  The tires are knobby for great tread and prevent the bike from skidding giving it great traction. For safety when you need to stop riding through rough terrains or city roads the bike has dual disc brakes. The front and back brakes equipped on the Fat Tire Bike are JAK Super Disc Brakes and it has a 160mm steel rotor.

Main Features

Mongoose Men's Dolomite Fat Tire Bike Features

Mongoose Men’s Dolomite Fat Tire Bike Features

  • The Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Bike has 26-inch wheels for traction over different landscapes
  • For changing gears with ease the twist shifters are incredible and ensures you quickly move from one terrain to another
  • The bicycle has 7 speeds with a rear derailleur and helps you to cruise faster
  • For safety is has dual disc brakes on the front and back of the bike
  • The three-piece crank is great for gear shifting
  • The bicycle is on the heavy side, but the majority of components are made with aluminum alloy
  • You receive a limited lifetime warranty


BRAKES Front and Rear JAK Super Disc Brakes with a 160mm Steel Rotor
CHAIN KMC HP 7-speed
CRANKSET 170mm Aluminum Alloy 36t Crank
FORK Steel Dolomite Element Suspension
FRAME Steel Dolomite Full Suspension Frame
GRIPS Mongoose Rubber
HANDLEBAR Alloy 25.4mm
HEADSET Threadless NECO 1 ⅛-inch
HUB FRONT 36h 135mm Bolt-on
HUB REAR 36h 190mm Bolt-on
REAR DERAILLEUR Shimano Tourney TX 7-speed
RIMS Non-drilled 100mm Alloy
PEDALS Beach Cruiser
SADDLE Mongoose Polypropylene
SEATPOST Aluminum 28.6mm
SHIFTERS Plastic Grip SIS Index
SPOKES Straight Gauge 1.8mm – 36 count
STEM Alloy ADOMO with a 25.4mm Handlebar Clamp
TIRES Knobby 26 x 4-inch

Will you need to assemble the bike?

If you plan to buy the bicycle online, you will need to assemble the bike. However, it does not come included with tools. You will need to attach the seat post and does need some force to tighten around the seat and you will need to grease the seat post. Further, you will need to attach the pedals the rear wheel/brake, chain, and brake wires are in place. Yet you will still need to calibrate the brakes.

Positives and Negatives Related to the Mongoose Dolomite Bike


  • Gives you a smooth ride with the wider tires
  • For a number of users, the bike is easy to assemble
  • Has an excellent chain preventing baggy pants from getting caught up in it
  • Great for heavy riders
  • Affordable
  • Has a stable braking system
  • Suitable to use on different terrains from off-road, paved, beach to snow
  • The bike is easy to handle with the frame and handlebar


  • You will need to tune the brakes
  • The bottom bracket wobbles over time
  • The bike is heavy

Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Bike Review Summery

Mongoose Men's Dolomite Fat Tire BIke


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