Folding Bike Reviews

If you need a bicycle that steals your heart, you need the best folding bike. Now you may wonder why a folding one. We can give you many reasons as to why. Here with us, you will find reviews on some amazing brands available for this interesting bike. The most beneficial part is to use it on a daily basis to commute to work hopping on the train or bus with it and cycling the rest of the way.

History of Folding Bikes

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Italian cavalry cycling corps climbing practice with folding bikes (Photo Credit : PAUL THOMPSON/National Geographic Creative)

Infantryman with Gladiator folding bicycle (image source :

1942-1945 WW2 BSA Airborne Bicycle (image source: Wikipedia)

Japanese Army cycle infantry (image source : 

Should i buy folding bike ?

The main reason people buy folding bikes is portability. but there are some other reasons too. Do you save on fuel traveling to work by public transport? How far is your nearest public transport? How many times have you cycled with your bike leaving it standing at the station – which is not one of the best things to do, you do not want it to be stolen. This is where the bike that folds is perfect.

Folding bikes are choice of those who are dependent on trains and buses to get to work. First, you save on finding a parking space, save on fuel, and they are compact enough to fold up and take with you while on the go.

The other, exceptional thing is if you live in a small apartment you can keep it folded and stored away.

With the use of folding bike, you still stay in shape as you get in your cycling fitness on a daily basis.

Now, you may wonder setting up the bike can be intimidating. There is no need for concern as with the helpful instructions you receive with your purchase you will be folding up your bicycle in no time. You will even be doing it with your eyes closed, as practice makes perfect.

Design and Size

Folding bike frames are usually made in one size, Other components like handlebar and saddle are adjustable. These factors determines whether it fits rider or not.

Folding bikes comes with different folding mechanism like mid fold, vertical fold, triangle hinge etc.


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