Fixed Gear Bike Reviews

Fixed Gear Bikes

Fixed gear bikes are the type of crazy bike that can be ride both forward and backward without brakes !!.. Also known as fixies these bikes has no freewheel means your leg will motion continuously with wheels. Only way to decelerate the fixie is to force the motion of pedals to slow down the spinning.

Fixed gear bicycles are made with very fewer parts so bikes are lighter and easy to maintain.

Difference Between Fixed gear and single speed is single speed bikes comes with freewheel hub.

Things to keep in mind before buying Fixed Gear Bike

Riding Skills

Fixies require some serious riding skills, because you have to maneuver through obstacles and only way to stop it is to slow down the rotation of pedals with force. Mastering the skill of fixies takes time.

Why do you want fixed gear bikes ?

Are you the track racer ? Are you looking for something trendy for street ride ?  If you’re looking for simple everyday ride, buy a simple bike. If you want different experience with meaning, buy a fixie.

Here’s different fixed gear bikes for different purpose.

Street Fixie : Made with road bike geometry, can have freewheel on side.

Track Bike : Bike made for track racing, no freewheel, no brakes.

Trick Fixie : Also known as Fixed gear freestyle bikes, made like bmx bikes. you can do all the tricks riding forward and backward on this.

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