Best Fixed Gear Bikes, Single Speed Bikes – Top 5 Best Selling Fixies


These days the affordable way for commuting to work and around town is by bicycle. There are different bikes available on the market but cycling with the best fixed gear bike is still an affordable choice. This bicycle is unique as it uses one gear and when it comes to maintaining it the costs are low and it has a lightweight design.

The reason for the low maintenance on this bike is the lack of shifters and chainrings. You can buy the bike in two models fixed gear or single speed as it has a flip-flop hub design. The only difference between the two bikes is the fixed gear one does not have braking capabilities as the single speed one. The other thing is that the fixed gear model does not allow you to coast.

However, you may find that the ones reviewed here have some sort of braking system found on the front or rear.

Reviews of the Best Fixed Gear Bikes

Another standout feature when buying the best fixed gear bike it is easy to assemble or remove components. This is great as you can upgrade your bike with new pedals, brakes, and saddles.

Critical Cycles Harper Single Speed Commuter Bike

For the best single speed bike, the group Critical Cycles Harper can help you out. Choose from an array of stylish colors and sizes to fit in with your lifestyle and needs. The bicycles hand-built with a steel Track frame and have a bar-spin clearance. There is no toe overlap or horizontal dropouts.

With the Critical Cycle, you can choose to ride freewheel or fixed as it has a flip-flop hub and comes standard with 30mm V rims. They have fixed it with Wanda commuter tires and a KMC chain. Further, you have the VP freestyle pedals with two sets of brakes.

You get all the tools included to assemble your bike and keep it maintained.


  • Has a steel single-speed/fixed gear Track frame with a bar-spin clearance and is TIG-welded
  • The bike has no toe overlap or horizontal dropouts
  • Further, it has a flip-flop hub
  • The bike has a standard 30mm V rim with Wanda commuter tires measuring 700x23c and puncture resistant with great shock absorbance
  • Included it has a KMC chain, two sets of brakes and VP freestyle pedals
  • Choose from different sizes 43 cm, 49 cm, 53 cm, 57 cm, and 61 cm
  • The Harper you can easily navigate as it has fewer moving parts
  • Has front and rear brakes and riser handlebars
  • Although the bicycle comes installed with a single-speed side you can change the orientation by removing the flipping and placing the rear wheel back


  • Great price
  • Includes all the tools for assembling the Harper
  • Easy to assemble and only the brakes need some adjustment
  • Has a solid frame
  • Can replace the components
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • Does not include a bicycle pump to inflate the tires
  • Made for cycling on the road

Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Bike

Another top of the range fixed gear bike with a single speed is the Vilano Edge. Choose your vibrant color and size to suit your needs. This is an urban styled bike with 45mm Deep-V rims and anodized hubs with a rear flip-flop hub and freewheels with a cog. You can easily change from single speed to fixed gear. The frames made of tensile steel and TIG-welded making it durable and aerodynamic. Further, you receive included 28c tires that are suitable for urban cycling.


  • The Edge has a fixed gear/single speed 700c frame
  • The fork is a 700c one with a threadless design
  • The crankset is constructed with alloy and has a 46T chainring that you can replace
  • The bikes outfitted with 43mm V double-walled rear flip-flop hub and includes platform pedals
  • There is a KMC Z410 chain with 16T Freewheel & Fixed cassette
  • Further, the bicycle has 700cx28c tires with Alloy Caliper front and rear brakes
  • There is an alloy riser with saddle and the seat post is 25.4 x 300 mm


  • Durable tires
  • Assembling the bike is easy
  • Can use the bike in two different cycling methods fixed gear or single speed
  • Great to ride with
  • The stock breaks are okay but do loosen up after a while
  • Customizable


  • Seats uncomfortable
  • Does not include the needed tools for assembling the bike

Vilano Fixie Single Speed Bike

Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed 0 Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed 0

Another bicycle presented by Vilano is the Fixie Single Speed Bike available in a great color choice. This is a stylish commuter bike with a fixed gear/single speed design. There are no logos or graphics found on the bike and the frame plus fork is made of steel and has an alloy seat post. The frame and fork have a 700c fixed gear design with flip-flop rear hub and pedals included. This is an amazing feature as it allows you to convert the bicycle from a single speed to fixed gear.


  • Fixed Gear TIG welded 120mm rear spacing frame with a threadless 700c fork
  • The wheels are double walled 700c with CNC machined sides
  • It has a rear flip-flop hub for fixed or freewheel
  • The 46T chainring is replaceable and made with alloy
  • It has caliper front and rear drop bar version braked with a rear riser bar and threadless alloy headset
  • Further, it has an alloy handlebar with an urban saddle and comes assembled with minor tunings you need to make


  • Great starter bike
  • Versatile
  • The frames well constructed
  • The headset, freewheel, and rims are serviceable
  • Can customize the bike and upgrade components
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick and responsive when ridden in single speed


  • Uncomfortable saddle

6KU Urban Track Bike

The 6KU Urban Track Bike has a design made for urban cycling and will not break your bank if you have a limited budget. Choose your size and color to suit your needs, as there are five different shades to choose. The 6KU is one of the best-fixed gear bikes you can buy and gives you the options of using it fixed or freewheel. The frames constructed with 6061 double-butted alloys and have smooth welding. The forks made from alloy and it has 30mm deep V alloy wheels with easily removable front and rear brakes.


  • The 6KU has an alloy frame with 1 ⅛-inch alloy fork
  • There is a 32H F/R flip-flop hub that is great for freewheel or fixed riding
  • The front and rear brakes you can remove
  • Choose from a wide selection of colors and sizes
  • There are 30mm V double wall alloy rims on it and has NOVATEC flip-flop hubs with Kenda 700x25c tires
  • Further, there are 3D forged alloy 46T chainring/cranks
  • Includes a lifetime warranty
  • Great for commuting to work
  • Has an integrated aluminum headset
  • Includes the 31.8mm riser handlebars, BMX platform pedals, and saddle


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent chain and everything is well lubricated
  • High-quality welds on the frame
  • Stunning visual appearance
  • Has guide markings in place to align and set up the bike
  • Brakes came calibrated out of the box
  • Seats comfortable
  • Customizable with other components
  • Glides smoothly


  • Pedals are large
  • There is no place to mount a front reflector

Pure Fix Single Speed Fixie Bike

One of the best Fixie bikes is the Pure Fix single speed model. Here you have a choice of selecting the best shade from a wide selection of colors. This fixed gear bike has 50mm rims with a rear flip-flop hub to use in single speed or fixed gear cycling. The frames made of high tensile steel and TIG-welded. You can remove the front brakes and it’s outfitted with Kenda tires and tubes. Further, it has OURY Grips and a KMC chain.


  • Use the Pure Fix as a single-speed or fixed-gear ride with the rear flip-flop hub
  • It has a NECO threadless headset with Fix riser bars and OURY grips with the Fix stem
  • The geometry frames made with tensile steel and has a straight fork
  • For a comfortable seating, it has the V-Drome saddle with Promax front brakes that you can remove
  • The bicycles outfitted with WTB Slick 700cc x 28 tires with a pressure retention of 60mm PRESTA valves
  • There are Fix pedals that are connected to a 3-piece sealed bearing crankset
  • The gear ratio is 44:16 and has 74.25 gear inches while using a KMC chain
  • You receive a lifetime warranty on the frame and a one-year warranty on the components and you need to have the bike assembled by a professional to activate the warranty


  • Affordable
  • Great to use as your primary mode of transport
  • Visual appealing
  • Simple to use and has a perfect pedal speed
  • The tires are not treaded and fine for commuting on the road
  • You receive included a small container of touch up paint to use when needed
  • Simple to put together


  • Written instruction included would be nice
  • You must take it to a pro to assemble or you lose out on your warranty
  • The brakes are not the best but you can upgrade them
  • The saddle is a bit uncomfortable to sit on.

Final Thoughts

If you choose the best-fixed gear bike, you are actually getting a great package. You can use it in freewheel or fixed gear that is great. Further, you get ample exercise and the best of all you save money on transport costs. The above-mentioned single speed bikes will get you to work and back in no time and is a great way to stay in shape.



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